Surgiu como teste de som no dia 9 de Maio de 2001 (a letra abaixo é dessa data), e foi raramente (ou nunca) tocada pela banda.
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Oh that you say that you are
Oh they stayed the light
Only for you I did
Taking time alright
Only what you wrote
Wrote into your leather rug
Open fire again
Taking minutes not hours
This soul to defend and

Only died of it
On causes known
What you are doing is
Everyone he knew dressed in black
Radiant girl looked here
Staring out at the ballroom
Noticing me staring
She wiped the water from her mouth
Words say

Dying doesn't seem too bad
Being left behind seems the troubled path
Only this after our work
Keep me cold and wide-eyed at night
Oh and in every way
Waking up on the side
Cold sweats and worries
Keep me well alive

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